Video Pals

Virtual Party

Zoom Call

Personalized Videos

A video pal is the video version of a penpal where you can send a video to your favourite princess, and she'll send one back! 

Personalized Happy Birthday Video 

These videos are typically around 5 minutes long and are a perfect way to receive some magic from the princess of your choice. 

Other Personalized Video

Whether it's an exciting announcement or just to say hello, our princesses would be happy to send a personalized video along to you.


Music Performance/Sing-a-Long


Chatting and Q&A

Singing Happy Birthday

$35 CAD

1 Video

$40 CAD

3-Video Package

$90 CAD

5-Video Package

$180 CAD

$80 CAD

$60 CAD

30 Minutes

15 Minutes


Chatting and Q&A

Music Performance/Sing-a-long


Do you have an event or type of video that you would love your child to have but don’t see above? Let us know! We take special requests and would love to create magic for you.